After suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) for many years and achieving only short-term relief from a variety of medications, I realized that I needed to find a permanent cure for my illness and help me to regain a normal, functional lifestyle.
I checked the Internet for area surgeons that specialized in GERD-related issues and, after thoroughly vetting each of the doctors listed, made an appointment to meet with Dr. Patrick Chiasson. During my initial visit, Dr. Chiasson listened carefully to my concerns and took the time to discuss the best available options that could manage and hopefully resolve my condition. After discussing options with Dr. Chiasson I was interested in learning more about the Linx Reflux Management System. Dr. Chiasson demonstrated the simple device made of interlinked titanium beads and explained that it is installed at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach through a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure. As an engineer, I was intrigued by the device’s simplicity of design and its significant record of proven effectiveness. After some additional study of the Linx Reflux Management System, I advised Dr. Chiasson that I would like to move forward with the procedure.
Over the next three weeks, I underwent several tests designed to determine the severity of my condition and to generate data that would be used to determine if the Linx Reflux Management System was appropriate for me. After the test results were reviewed I was scheduled for surgery. From the minute I entered the Northwest Medical Center I was provided with immediate attention and care. The in-processing procedure was quick and efficient and within a very short time, I was taken back to the pre-op area. Once again the professional staff was efficient and attentive and through their professionalism and humor placed me at ease. I obviously don’t have any memory of what happened next, but when I awoke I was taken to my room where a team of caring professionals assured that I received all the attention and care that I needed. The next morning I was discharged and was able to complete my short recovery at home.
Today marks two months since my surgery and I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better. The proton pump inhibitor medications that I had been taking for the past five years are no longer needed. I have not taken any medication since my surgery and I have not experienced even one episode of pain or discomfort that was a daily occurrence prior to my surgery.
Dr. Chiasson and his team provided me with an opportunity to enjoy the rest of my life without pain and without medication. His staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional and always greeted me with a smile. I would like to thank Dr. Chiasson for his skill and compassion for his profession. I fully endorse Dr. Chiasson for anyone who needs relief from recurrent pain.