I would highly recommend Dr. Patrick Chiasson. He is very kind, caring, and listens to you. Dr. Chiasson will spend as much time as necessary explaining everything and answering all questions. After my gastric bypass 10 years ago, I gained the weight back. Dr. Chiasson explained all of my options very thoroughly, and we agreed on the Enteroenterostomy Anastomosis to revise my Gastric Bypass procedure. It was laparoscopic and performed as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Chiasson spent time talking with me prior to the procedure in pre-op, and again offered support, reassurance, and answered my questions. I was home within a few hours after surgery. Recovery was fast and went very well. As A Registered Nurse, I see the great care Dr. Chiasson gives to his patients. As a patient, I received the same wonderful care.