I don’t know if there are enough words to Thank Dr. Patrick Chiasson sufficiently for how much he has done for me!  I have suffered from severe Gastric Gastroparesis for over 5 years.  Before moving to Arizona a year ago, I sought help from 7 GI specialists in Chicago, made 2 trips to the Mayo Clinic, had more than 16 feeding tube replacements, and dozens of tests and procedures.  I also suffer from extreme POTS (a low blood pressure condition), which when teamed up with my Gastroparesis caused me to pass out, sometimes as frequent as 3 times a day, and caused 26 concussions.  I was told by the GI specialists in Chicago that this condition (constant nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, passing out, and having a permanent feeding tube) was going to be my life.  It was suggested to try to eat solid food daily, and just be happy that only 80% of what I ate would come right back up. The constant stomach acid and vomiting attacking my teeth, gums, and jaw bones caused me to have all my teeth surgically removed at age 42. My quality of life was non-existent.  When we arrived in Tucson, I had to find new doctors, and my GI referred me to Dr. Chiasson.  It is truly unbelievable that in the 4 months I’ve been seeing him, he has changed my life!  Dr. Chiasson took the time to look at every element of my illness and all my medications, and didn’t just settle for business as usual.  He strived to find a solution to alleviate my constant nausea and stomach pain.  He provided a diagnosis that a Gastric Bypass surgery for Gastroparesis would be the answer to my illness.  I had surgery on December 16, 2020 and my life has been changed forever!  I no longer have a feeding tube, and I’m actually eating solid foods and drinking fluids (slowly) again! I haven’t felt this healthy in over 5 years!  I have spent more time laughing, walking (yes, walking!), and spending time with my husband in the past few weeks, than I had in the longest time!  I spent 75% of 2020 in a hospital or my bed because I was so sick.  Dr. Chiasson took the time to listen to me and help me.  I never felt rushed, or that I was just another patient.  He and his awesome Team cared for me every step of the way, before and after surgery.  There was an amazing bonus to this surgery for me: not only has it already improved my Gastroparesis by 90%, my other health problems are improving as well. Passing out has almost been eliminated, no epileptic seizures, and some medications have been eliminated.  I’m walking 2 miles a day (previously I couldn’t walk around a store), and I’ve lost 25 pounds – and I can’t wait for more!  (I was an odd patient who gained significant amounts of weight from my medication; a fat man with a feeding tube!).  Now I’m learning a healthier way to eat and living a better life.  I can’t express how 5 years of hearing “nothing we can do” from every doctor broke me, and thankfully Dr. Patrick Chiasson has been able to put the pieces back together.