Obesity is the modern epidemic of the 21st century. Since the mid-1980s, the collective weight of American society has continued to increase. Obesity is now the second leading cause of death in our country. In addition, conditions associated with obesity such as diabetes, heart disease, NASH, and sleep apnea are becoming increasingly prevalent. Today, 8% of all adults suffer from Adult Onset Diabetes or Type II Diabetes. It is projected that by the year 2030, more than 25% of all adults will have diabetes. There is a direct relationship between the development of diabetes and obesity as 90% of patients with diabetes have at least Class I obesity (>50 lbs overweight). To date, the only truly successful strategy to address this problem for individuals is Bariatric Surgery.

chiassonMetabolic/ Diabetes Surgery is recomended by the American Diabetes Association as a primary treatment for patients with Diabetes; whether newly diagnosed or chronic. It has been argued that basing the decision to offer surgery based upon the amount of obesity one has rather than the diagnosis of diabetes is arbitrary and misguided. Metabolic/ Diabetes Surgery is also recomended for patients with a BMI between 30 and 35 if their diabetes is poorly controlled.

Dr. Chiasson started the Weight Loss Surgery Program at Northwest Medical Center in 2003. Since then the program has flourished and was the first in Southern Arizona to receive Center of Excellence accreditation status by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). The program represents the oldest and most successful weight loss program in Tucson. Dr. Chiasson’s practice was recently awarded the 2019 Tucson Readers Choice Award for Best Bariatric Surgical practice. {add badge]



  • Gastric Band ➞ Sleeve Gastrectomy OR Gastric Bypass OR Duodenal Switch
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy ➞ Gastric Bypass OR Duodenal Switch
  • Proximal Gastric Bypass ➞ Distal Gastric Bypass (BPD)


Finally, Dr. Chiasson performs revision surgery to manage complications related to all of the primary weight loss procedures. These include: Linx procedure for severe GERD in Sleeve Gastrectomy, Revision Gastro-Jejunostomy for Ulcers, Gastric Bypass reversal, and surgical complications related to Duodenal Switch.


Dr. Chiasson, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my outpatient vertical sleeve surgery. You changed my life, for the better! Everyone I encountered was kind, helpful and knowledgable. Both yourself and your staff took the extra time with me to answer all my questions and to make sure I had everything I needed. I was pleasantly surprised this could be done as an outpatient surgery and I could recuperate in my own home the very same day. It was such a comforting feeling . The surgery went smooth, my time in the recovery room was with exceptional care before being discharged. You can tell that you and your staff really care. I would highly recommend Dr. Chiasson if you are looking to do VGS and look into it as an outpatient , you will be glad you did.

~ C.F.

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In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 650 million were obese. You are not alone and you do not need to feel any less of a person if you are overweight or obese. Take action now and increase your quality of life.